We are a voice for all TKS parents and caregivers. We join together in support of our school - to voice our concerns, to celebrate the things we love, to explore issues that face us all, and to find ways to make a great school even better.


Stay tuned for more information about upcoming PAC events and fundraisers. 


PAC Mission Statement

The mission of The King’s School Parent Advisory Council is to facilitate effective communication to students and parents (caregivers) regarding school activities, encourage parent (caregiver) involvement in TKS, develop a sense of community between families in the school, and encourage the TKS staff.

Parent Involvement in PAC

  • Positions are available on an annual basis for those wishing to serve on the PAC Executive

  • Parent meetings are held approximately 3-7 times per year. We encourage all parents, grandparents, and staff to participate in these important meetings. All meetings are advertised by notices and emails.

  • Parents are encouraged to get on the PAC email list for current news, announcements, and activity information.

  • Parents may communicate with the PAC Executive by sending emails to

2018-2019 Goals

  1. Help to encourage building improved relationship and communication between the parents and the school administration.

  2. Help raise funds for classroom and school enhancement through the Candy Cane and other fundraisers.

  3. Raise funds for the PAC general fund through Movie nights and other potential fundraisers.

  4. Be a blessing to the TKS staff by hosting a Staff Appreciation Week.

  5. Pray for the school and the Staff.


Council Members
School Year 2017-2018

Chairman: Ed Harris

Secretary: Open Position

Treasurer:  Elizabeth Frank

Communications Coordinator: Open Position

Fundraising Coordinator: Open Position

Members at Large: Sylvia Epp

Executive Position Descriptions

This is a two-year position. The chair’s primary role is as facilitator. The Chair will call meetings, provide an agenda and arrange for reports on agenda items. The Chair will close the meetings and specify date and time for future meetings. The Chair will represent the council and its activities to the school administration and facilitate a cooperative relationship between parents and school. The Chair will also have signing authority on the PAC Bank account. The Chair will appoint an acting Vice-Chair from the PAC Council if the Chair is going to be absent. All Chair nominees must have been an active member of the TKS Parent Community for at least one year.

This is a two-year position. The Secretary will attend and take notes at Parent Advisory Council meetings, transcribe the notes and distribute the minutes. The Secretary will also create parent correspondence including meeting notices, updates and PAC event information. The Secretary will also prepare the Year End Annual Report, distribute to the admin team and executive council members and have copies available at PAC Meetings for parents. The Secretary will maintain all written records and files of PAC Activities and business.

This is a two-year position. The Treasurer handles banking, check writing and book keeping on behalf of the Parent Advisory Council. The Treasurer keeps track of fundraising progress and available funds. Records are kept using Simply Accounting. The Treasurer will work in cooperation with fundraising committees to ensure that funds received reconcile with designated amounts. The Treasurer will report on finances as required, and provide a summary of financial activity for the Annual Report prepared at the end of the school year. The Treasurer will also have signing authority on the PAC bank account.

Communications Coordinator
This is a one-year position. The Communications Coordinator will work with the school to ensure that the information PAC page on the school website is accurate and that PAC events and meetings are on the school calendar. The Communications Coordinator will provide advertisements of PAC Events to the administration for the Inside Track and PowerPoints on the School Entrance TV. The Communications Coordinator will monitor and distribute messages received through the PAC email account.

Fundraising Coordinator
This is a two-year position. The Fundraising Coordinator oversees (assisting as required) all PAC based fundraising activities. Reports on progress to the council, provides information and updates to the Communication Coordinator as needed. The Fundraising Coordinator ensures that all Event Reports are turned in for the meetings and the information is gathered for the Annual Report.

Members at Large
This is a one-year position. Members at Large are persons who serve as part of the Parent Advisory Council Executive within the PAC, but no specific responsibility. The Members at Large attend the general PAC meetings as well as the Executive Committee Meetings. All Members at Large have been an active members of the TKS Parent Community for at least one year.